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5 Things That Will Affect Your Brand

Your online brand as a blogger can either make you or break you and here are the main things that will affect your brand.

Building your online brand has far reaching implications; it affords you the opportunity to create likability, elevate credibility, create awareness about what you stand for and allows you to gain trust which invariably results in more prospects, clients and profits.

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That said, you obviously do not want to mar your online brand. There are simple things that will affect your online brand as a bloggers.

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Check out 5 things that will affect your brand as a blogger


Your choice of a design for your blog should be deliberate. Your blog design must be unique; it must stand out from the rest.

It should also be such that it makes a good first impression on visitors to your blog.

Doing otherwise can affect your online brand adversely, in that visitors may have a low view of your blog and will be a put off for some.



Ensure that a proper logo is designed to project a great brand. This is so crucial, in that it helps create brand awareness and recognition.

Where possible, your logo should depict the kind of brand you desire to project; it should depict what you stand for.

A sloppy and thoughtless design will do a disservice to your brand.

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Create a tagline for your blog. Taglines are so essential; once featured on your blog, visitors to your blog get an idea of what you (or your) blog is about.

They do not have to wonder or try to figure this out. Ideally your tagline should project some kind of a benefit and should be carefully thought through.

Failure to create an appropriate tagline can mar your online brand as a blogger.



Creating an ‘About me’ page serves you better as a blogger who desires to build a strong online brand. In your ‘About me’ page, tell your audience/visitors about yourself, howbeit briefly.

It is also proper to state a couple of benefits to be derived from your blog and the services you render. If properly done, many visitors to your blog will soon become subscribers.

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It is great to have a unique blog design, proper logo, effective tagline and a well written “About me” page.

That said, your online brand will become shaky and could be marred for good if all you do is create cheap content.

It is crucial you put in the time and effort to consistently create compelling and high value content. You should be known for creating great content.

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