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5 Tactics For Unlimited Blog Traffic

Organic traffic from search engines to your blog doesn’t happen automatically.

Some work is required. Certain tactics when rightly deployed improves on organic traffic from search engines. Do take a peak!



Blogging is arguably the most effective way to improve on organic traffic to your site.

Unlike websites, a blog allows you to create large catalogues of high value, persona-optimized content tailored to your market niche.

The more quality content you create with consistency, the better – more traffic is generated from search engines to your blog.

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With the way the blogosphere functions, it is crucial that you read, comment and whenever necessary link to other people`s blogs, especially those that operate within your niche.

This has a reciprocal effect. In time, you will find other bloggers (and readers) reading, commenting and linking to your blog – this improves on organic traffic to your blog.

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The meta title, URL and description are the three key requirements for an optimized blog post.

If your content is on WordPress, the best and fastest way to make it SEO friendly is with the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO.

However, it isn`t enough to add the plugin, each page has to be worked on in turn. It’s free and simple but effective.



It is of immense importance that you write your buyer personas such that there are no doubts or ambiguities about whom you’re addressing your content to.

By creating high value content that is tailored to the needs of your ideal buyers and consequently resonates with them, you’ll naturally improve your Search Engine Optimization.

You do this by tapping into the main issues of your personas and the keywords they use in search engines.

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It is expedient that you employ in your creation of your content keywords that are more specific to your product or service as against using popular keywords in your market.

There is a way this translates into more traffic to your blog.

The reality is that, with the passage of time and as you persist in your use of long tail words, search engines will begin to identify your blog as a destination to a particular product, service or content as it where.

Many more tactics can be deployed to improve on organic traffic through search engines such as using internal links, encouraging incoming links and using social media among others.

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