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3 Things Will Affect Your Website

Did you know that 3 things that will negatively affect your site bounce rate and cause your site invariably result in lower rates of conversions, all things being equal; that definitely isn`t a good signal.

Google Analytics defines bounce rate as the number of people entering a page and exiting from that same page.

Ideally your readers will want to stay for a while, navigating through some of the contents/pages of your blog.

This aids in conversions also, since visitors may discover the products and services you provide for instance and may either recommend them to other persons or make a purchase themselves.

Even where no purchases are made, visitors to your blog will visit more often to access contents in your blog that addresses their needs.

Now, there are little things that are done by bloggers that affect the bouncing rate of their sites and conversions, and I will show you some of these.

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If online users land on a page of your blog but do not find the kind of information they presumed would be available, they will quickly exit.

If your content is high on sales-related content and low on high value content (content that provide solutions), bouncing rate may be high.

The assumption would be that you are solely interested in promoting your products and service, and not interested in providing value to readers.

In such an instance, the probability for conversions dips. Visitors wouldn`t be interested in subscribing to your blog, let alone make some kind of a purchase.

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You risk a high bouncing rate if your content makes reading boring and quite difficult.

Readers generally will prefer shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs with enough white space in between.

When readers are met with long winding sentences, long paragraphs and clumsy content, many will not bother to read that blog post, let alone move to other contents of your blog.

This is also they case where the visitor is met with a series of pop-up adverts.

Whereas a few of these ads may lead to conversions, they are mostly a nuisance to many online readers.

Visitors to your site will find the exit rather than get distracted by many pop-ups and other adverts.

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Should visitors to your site find navigation through the pages of your site confusing, frustrating or time consuming, you would not expect them to stay on your site.

Why bother staying on a site that is difficult to navigate and where finding relevant information is time consuming because of the disorderliness of pages and other contents.

It should be easy for readers to navigate through your site. Speed in the loading of your blog is also crucial.

It makes for efficient time use if your blog loads fast.

That way, readers are somewhat motivated to visit other pages on your blog which may invariably translate to conversions if what they read resonates with them.

Other factors that may affect the bouncing rate and conversions of your blog includes, excessive use of multimedia.

It slows down the loading and navigation of your blog and mobile unfriendliness – this makes accessing your site on smart phones an unpleasant experience.

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